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Coffee drinking has become a daily ritual in society the world over. There are many people who claim they just cannot function without that morning cup of joe. Unfortunately, coffee is one of those beverages that can stain the teeth, causing yellowing and embarrassment.

There was a time you had to choose between white teeth or giving up the drink, but that is not the case now. Today, tooth-whitening products abound and you can get them over-the-counter just about anywhere. Of course, in order to maintain a bright smile, you’ll need to regularly use whitening products unless you give up coffee altogether.

Coffee isn’t the sole cause of yellowing teeth. There are other factors and sources, not to mention the natural aging process. But, the acid in coffee does adversely affect tooth enamel which stains teeth, and the yellowing will return more quickly if you drink coffee too soon after trying out a whitener. The American Dental Association (ADA) says that you should give yourself a few days of abstinence from coffee or other staining beverages after applying a whitening product to ensure that the stains do not return immediately.

Before you go out and purchase an over-the-counter whitening product at the pharmacy, you might want to solicit advice at your next dental checkup. Your dentist has access to professional products that will provide more effective, longer-lasting whitening treatments for a better result.

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